Appreciating and seizing opportunities

Since January, I’ve been privileged to be the Austin market director for The experience has given me tremendous opportunities to introduce more Austinites to, to boost my knowledge of social media and, most importantly, to make many new friends.

Now, I’m looking for even more tremendous opportunities as I move into the next stage of my career. What type of opportunities am I seeking? Something that’s challenging, something that’s exciting, something that capitalizes on my writing, editing, communications and social media skills.

Here’s the official word from on what’s precipitating my hunt for new challenges:

“Thanks to the support of locally based leadership in four key markets,’s ‘Diamond City’ pilot program allowed for deep exploration of several business initiatives. These included contributor recruitment and engagement, marketing and PR tactics, local content development and various local sales projects.

“After six months in each of our pilot cities (Austin, TX; Columbus, OH; Denver, CO; Kansas City, MO), we are now shifting our focus from local content representation to expanding our sales initiatives. We are extracting what we’ve learned and applying the knowledge nationally. As always, will continue to use its flagship city, Denver, CO, as a template for future initiatives.”

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